• Trained warehouse personnel in possession of the competencies and manual capacities suited to the careful handling of the products (books, magazines, limited editions, …).
  • Warehouses provided with specific structures for the stocking and conservation of every type of book.
  • Customer Service Account, dedicated to the management of all logistical activities and supplying a reference interlocutor for operative requirements.
  • Personalised management software which guarantees the supervision and constant guide at each and every step of the operators’ actions, supplying the complete tracking of movements and updating of the stock in real time.
  • Value-added activities: labelling, re-pricing, cellophane, publicity poster wrapping, re-wrapping, supplying to publishing houses, insertion of flyers/brochures, maintenance and product master updating (coding, weight, sizes …) management and co-ordinating of novelties, fairs, events and promotions to the bookshops and distributors and all other activities specific to this sector.
  • Managing of returned goods: creation of a specialised procedure shared with the Client and carrying out of activities by specialised operators in possession of specific competencies.
  • Management and co-ordination of the distribution to the final clients, the bookshops and publishing distributors.
  • Maximum operative flexibility: experience in the management of the seasonal peaks associated with this particular sector.
  • Complete management of the postal shipments and of the subscription shipments.
  • Design and personalisation of the packaging in accordance with our Clients.
  • Maximum availability of 24 hour management of shipment orders.
  • Massima disponibilità alla gestione h24 degli ordini di spedizione.
  • “Integrated” logistic management: a single reference point for the warehouse and transport.