• Temperature controlled warehouses 8-30°suitable for stocking “sensitive” goods, constantly monitored through a control and de-humidification system.
  • Picking in accordance with the criteria defined by the management of the lot and the expiry (LIFO, FIFO, FEFO).
  • Customer Service Account, dedicated to the management of all logistical activities and suppling a reference interlocutor for operative requirements.
  • Personalised management software which guarantees the management of the production lot and the expiry of the products, guiding the staff in the picking in accordance to the procedures agreed upon with our Clients (LIFO, FIFO, FEFO).
  • Trained warehouse staff specialized in the food industry with specific and manual skills. The staff is able to careful handling of food products.
  • Personalised management software which guarantees the supervision and constant guide at each and every step of the operators’ actions, supplying the complete tracking of movements and updating of the stock in real time.
  • Design and use of customised packaging and arrangements.
  • The Local of storage and handling of food products meet all the requirements of EU Regulation 852/2004 on hygiene and conservation.
  • Transport with insulated vehicles fitted with tail lift and benefiting from controlled temperatures.
  • Specialized distribution service for deliveries to GDO.
  • Management of the distribution to the final clients, to stores and to GDO with a dense and high standard capillary service, along with speed and precision.
  • Management of track & trace.
  • Management of returned products with procedures agreed upon with the Clients.