• Design and use of customized packaging and arranging.
  • Temperature controlled warehouses 8-30°C suitable for stocking “sensitive” goods, constantly monitored through a control and de-humidification system, further to refrigerated cells at 2°-8°.
  • Operative management procedures conforming to Legislative decree 219/06 which regulate the deposit, warehousing and movement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
  • Customer Service Account, dedicated to the management of all the logistical activities and reference interlocutor concerning all operative requirements.
  • Warehouse personnel trained and having competencies and manual capabilities suited to manipulating cosmetic products with care.
  • Personalised management software guaranteeing the management of the production lot and the expiry of the products, guiding the operators in the picking according to the procedures agreed upon with our Clients (LIFO, FIFO, FEFO).
  • Customization: display packaging, gift packaging, inserting flyers, leaflets, brochures, greeting cards, labeling, kitting and such other specific activities for the sector.
  • Management of the distribution to the final client, to stores (perfumery, pharmacy, …) with a dense and high standard capillary service, along with speed and precision.
  • Management of returned products with procedures agreed upon with the Clients.
  • Maximum operative flexibility: experience in the management of the seasonal peaks associated with this particular sector.